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Post Sign
Is a collection of material recorded after the release of Sign the last of the DVA releases on the Italian Label Contempo. Produced and composed by Adi Newton throughout 1994 /5 in Florence & Milan during a transitional period in the chronology of DVA.Due to circumstantial events these recordings remained as primary bases for later development, intended as an instrumental companion Album to Sign, similar in concept to the Instrumental Album Digital Soundtracks,I felt that these recordings although unfinished represented a point in time that contained a series of emotions and paradigms that these recordings capture,Coming back to them after more than a Decade I did not want to try and re work them, as those ideas and feelings have now developed in to something new and rather than letting them remain in obscurity it would be more positive to release them in there original form , the drawings reveal the core,the latent intentions of form.
These recordings represents some of the darker elements of the NASA / Mercury program which in recent years as become increasingly more exposed.Included in the booklet is the extended text from Sign that was referenced in the original sleeve notes along with a number of original artworks that are based on conceptual elements contained within the tracks.


released November 10, 2013



Anterior Research London, UK

ARMComm Anterior Research Media Communications is the label Directed by Adi Newton as a Production arm for ClockDVA /TAGC the Anti Group.AR was founded in 1980 and made a number of releases .The mission of Anterior Research is to produce High production material in unique and individual release formats Primarily for DVA/TAGC but we aim to extend this to include works by other Artists/groups. ... more

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